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Our Undersea Legacy; A Curriculum Resource for Marine Protected Areas in Southern California

Protection of marine biodiversity was one of the key arguments in creating MPAs. What is marine biodiversity? Most of the Earth’s water is salt water in the ocean, which covers 70% of the Earth. In these salty, wet habitats live diverse life forms that exchange energy and nutrients among themselves and the environment. Some of these life forms have completely disappeared while other still thrive. Marine biodiversity is the variety and abundance of life (microbes, algae, plants, and animals) found in the ocean.

In this section, your students will be introduced to some of the biodiversity found in our amazing California ocean waters through interactive lessons.

Original Resource: californiampas.org

Publisher: Erika Delemarre

Type: Document

Format: PDF

Grades: 6-8

Created: August 27, 2019

Standards Alignment

Next Generation Science Standards

LS4.DBiodiversity and Humans
ESS2.CThe Roles of Water in Earth's Surface Processes
ESS3.ANatural Resources
ESS3.CHuman Impacts on Earth Systems