The Salmon Source; An Educator’s Guide

/The Salmon Source; An Educator’s Guide
The Salmon Source; An Educator’s Guide


Salmon are one of California’s most iconic species. The lessons provided here span issues of salmonid life cycle, physiology, ecologic needs, watershed issues and management practices. Some lessons meld the arts and humanities with sciences for an interdisciplinary approach to learning. A unique lesson reinforces student learning in the field of genetics with active learning about the role of fish hatcheries in maintaining genetic diversity. Whether in their own backyards, urban greenbelts, or remote areas from Sierra ridgetops to ocean seafloors, this curriculum can help make the connections between our actions and the health of ecosystems, and therefore provide California a future of unmatched biodiversity.

Original Resource:

Creator: Carolyn Ward, Jennifer Taylor

Type: Document

Grades: 3-8

Created: April 2, 2018

Standards Alignment

Next Generation Science Standards

LS1.BGrowth and Development of Organisms
LS2.AInterdependent Relationships in Ecosystems